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Do Shower Head Harbor Bacteria?

According to Matthew Gebert, a technician at the Fiere Laboratory of Colorado State University in the United States, he mentioned, “Shower heads are a fantastic habitat for microorganisms. Various bacteria can thrive in your shower head due to the moist and warm environment.” He discussed this in the context of the “Shower head Microbiome” research project.

During this research, Gebert found that more than 1,500 households in the United States had a diverse microbial community, including good, bad, and harmless microorganisms in their shower heads. They form a literal community due to the moist and warm environment, which is conducive to bacterial growth.

Clean Shower Head

In the course of the research, Gebert discovered a group of bacteria known as NTM (Nontuberculous Mycobacteria), which is generally considered harmless. However, some members of this group can still cause severe lung infections and tuberculosis. Additionally, there’s Legionella pneumophila, a bacterium capable of causing respiratory issues and pneumonia in humans. Moreover, the remaining groups and types of bacteria in shower heads are generally regarded as harmless.

In conclusion, shower heads can indeed harbor a variety of bacteria, creating an environment where both harmless and potentially harmful microorganisms coexist.

4 Best Ways To Clean Shower Head

The shower head is one of the essential bathroom fixtures in every household. It’s also a haven for various bacteria if not cleaned regularly. So, how do you clean a shower head effectively? Let’s explore the methods for efficient shower head cleaning.

Clean Shower Head with White Vinegar

Clean Shower Head

White vinegar is a common household item and an effective, safe cleaning agent. You can clean your shower head in two different ways using white vinegar:

Method 1: Pour vinegar into a plastic bag, filling about 2/3 of the bag, and securely tie it around the shower head. Leave it for a few hours or overnight. Then, remove the bag and turn on the water with strong pressure to flush away any remaining debris. Finally, use a soft brush to scrub off any remaining residue. Run water through it one more time to ensure it’s completely clean.

Method 2: Remove the shower head from the pipe and place it in a container filled with vinegar to soak overnight. Rinse the shower head thoroughly with water. Use a brush to scrub away any stubborn deposits, then dry it with a soft cloth and reattach it to the pipe. Turn on the water to remove any remaining debris inside.

Clean Shower Head with Baking Soda

Clean Shower Head
Clean Shower-Head-with-Baking-Soda

You can also clean your shower head with a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. Mix 1/3 cup of baking soda with vinegar, creating a paste. Apply this paste to the shower head, covering the nozzles, and then wrap a plastic bag around it. Leave it overnight, scrub the nozzles with a soft brush, rinse the shower head thoroughly with water, and reattach it.

Clean Shower Head with Lemon Juice and Vinegar

Another effective method is using a mixture of lemon juice and vinegar. Mix 3 tablespoons of lemon juice with 300ml of vinegar and pour it into a plastic bag. Tie the bag securely to the shower head and leave it for several hours. Use a soft brush to scrub off any residue, rinse it thoroughly, and you’re done.

Clean Shower Head
Clean Shower Head with Lemon Juice

Clean Shower Head with Cleaning Agents

You can also use specialized cleaning products, which can make the cleaning process faster and more convenient. Start by spraying the cleaning solution on the shower head, following the product’s instructions. Then, use a soft brush or cloth to scrub away any buildup. Rinse thoroughly with water, and your shower head will be sparkling clean.

Maintaining a Clean Shower Head

To keep your shower head clean, remember these tips:

  1. Regular Cleaning: Clean your shower head regularly to ensure the best hygiene.
  2. Choose Metal Shower head: Metal shower heads are easier to clean and host fewer bacteria than plastic ones.
  3. Immediate Repairs: If you notice any cracks or crevices in your shower head, fix them right away to prevent bacterial buildup.

Neglecting to clean your shower head regularly can lead to various health issues:

  1. Respiratory Problems: Bacterial buildup can lead to Legionella lung infections, especially in individuals with weakened immune systems.
  2. Brain Damage: Inhaling manganese released from dirty shower heads over time can potentially harm your brain.
  3. Lead Contamination: Unclean shower heads may result in lead leaching into the water while showering, potentially causing skin discoloration, breathing difficulties, or even more severe problems like kidney and nervous system damage.
Clean Shower Head
Clean Shower Head

In summary, these are the 4 Best Ways To Clean Shower Head and prevent harmful bacterial growth. Proper cleaning and maintenance of your shower head will safeguard your health and extend the life of your bathroom fixtures.

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