LG washing machine reviews and LG washing machine error codes

The article below is about LG washing machine reviews and LG washing machine error codes.

Which country is LG washing machine from?

LG washing machines, a product from the South Korean brand, have become very familiar in the Vietnamese market in recent years. With high durability and user-friendly features, LG washing machines have gradually dominated the product segment and become the top choice for many consumers. In particular, the front-loading washing machine with a convenient top lid design has won the hearts of users, especially in small spaces.

LG washing machine products are manufactured on modern production lines, following high-quality standards from South Korea. Advances in technology have been intricately integrated into these products, making laundry more efficient, protecting clothing better, and saving time. However, to evaluate whether LG washing machines are good or not, let’s go through the advantages and disadvantages of this product line.

LG washing machine

LG washing machine reviews:


Price Diversity: LG washing machines come in a variety of price ranges, from mid-range to high-end, suitable for every household budget.

Diverse Washing Capacities: With various washing capacities, from small to large, the product meets the laundry needs of households ranging from 2 to 7 members.

Modern Design: LG washing machine models feature modern, elegant, and aesthetically pleasing designs, suitable for any architectural space.

Advanced Technology: LG washing machines are equipped with advanced technologies such as Direct Drive Intello DD, Turbodrum rotational washing, 3-tub punching, I-sensor sensors, TrueSteam steam washing, 6 motion technologies, and many other conveniences.

Product Variety: LG offers many choices with front-load washing machines, top-load washing machines, washer-dryer combos, and TWINWash dual load washing machines.


Price: As a premium product line, LG washing machines often come at a higher price compared to regular washing machines.

In summary, LG washing machines are a good product line, integrated with many modern technologies and diverse designs and washing capacities. However, users should carefully consider their needs and family finances before deciding to purchase an LG washing machine.

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Common Error Codes for LG Washing Machines

Error Code IE – Washing machine is not getting water supply


  • Loss of water supply or blocked water source.
  • Insufficient water pressure to fill the washing machine.
  • Inlet hose of the washing machine is blocked or clogged.


  • Check if the water source is functioning properly.
  • If water pressure is weak, consider using an automatic pressure boosting pump.
  • Examine the inlet hose for any foreign objects causing blockage.
  • Use an additional pressure boosting pump if water pressure is too weak.

Error Code OE – Water in the drum does not drain properly


  • Drain hose is obstructed by foreign objects or debris.
  • The drain hose is positioned higher than the designated level.
  • The drain hose is twisted or blocked at some point.


  • Check the water filter slot, clean the filter head from debris.
  • Lower the outlet end of the drain hose to ground level.
  • Inspect if the drain hose is obstructed or twisted at any point.

Error Code UE – Washing machine can’t spin


  • The washing machine is not balanced, deviating from the floor.
  • Uneven distribution of clothes in the drum.


  • Ensure that the machine is positioned evenly on the floor.
  • If uneven distribution of clothes is the issue, pause the cycle, rearrange the clothes in the drum, close the lid, and continue the operation.
  • Arrange clothes evenly in the drum when the UE error occurs.

Error Code dE – Washing machine door is not properly closed


  • The washing machine door is not tightly closed.
  • An object is stuck preventing the door from closing properly.


Check for any obstacles or blockages preventing the door from closing, then secure it to enable normal operation.

Error Code FE – Water overflow or leakage


  • Water hose end contacts the washing machine.
  • Internal sensor of the washing machine malfunctions.


  • Examine the water hose end for any openings.
  • If after checking the water level sensor and troubleshooting the issue persists, contact the manufacturer for assistance.
  • Recheck the water hose for leaks if any signs of water leakage are present.

Error Code PE – Faulty water level sensor inside the machine


Pressure sensor inside the machine is damaged or malfunctioning.


This error is related to hardware components; you should contact the manufacturer for consultation and support.

Error Code AE – Unstable power supply


  • This error appears when there is a voltage difference from the washing machine’s operating voltage.
  • It can be due to power leakage or improper operation of the voltage sensor.


  • Check if the power supply has voltage fluctuations.
  • If the problem persists, contact technical support.

Error Code CL – Child Lock mode activated

When this code is displayed, the washing machine’s lid will be locked and the buttons will not work. To exit this mode, turn off the machine, then press and hold the Child Lock button for 3 seconds. After this step, the CL message will disappear from the screen, and you can use the buttons normally.

Hardware Error Codes List:

  • Error Code CE – Motor power error: Due to insufficient voltage supplied to the motor.
  • Error Code E3 – Motor sensor error, belt issue: Due to a faulty motor or belt.
  • Error Code DHE – Dryer motor error: Dryer motor malfunctions or is damaged.
  • Error Code A£ – Power board error: Power board doesn’t operate or has a circuit malfunction.
  • Error Code SE – Sensor error: Sensor malfunctions or stops working.


For washing machine malfunctions related to hardware, it’s often challenging to handle them urgently. Dealing with these errors requires specialized tools and specific knowledge. Therefore, users should contact the distributor or customer care department for dedicated support. Technical specialists can assist with serious issues.

Understanding LG washing machine error codes not only helps during use but also ensures the machine’s longevity by timely addressing the encountered errors. Hopefully, after reading this article, readers can effectively handle washing machine error situations for optimal use. If any questions remain, feel free to leave a comment below.”

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