Coway air purifier Review and The best way to clean Coway air purifier properly

Which country is Coway air purifier from?

Before diving into a detailed review of the Coway air purifier, let’s first learn a bit about this brand. Coway is a well-known brand from South Korea, and its products include both water purifiers and air purifiers.

Coway air purifiers are manufactured in South Korea with extremely high-quality standards, receiving numerous design awards and Allergy certifications from the UK.

Is Coway air purifier good?

Next, let’s take a more detailed look at the quality and internal structure of the Coway air purifier.

Coway air purifier filter

Similar to other air purifier brands for households, Coway is equipped with advanced filtration technology across all its products. Each model will have 3 to 5 separate filter layers, combined with a fan.

The evaluation of Coway air purifiers with each filter layer is as follows:

Pre-filter: This filter captures larger particles that are visible to the naked eye, such as pet hair and fabric dust.
True HEPA filter: This filter captures tiny particles as small as 0.3 microns, including pollen and dust mites. The HEPA filter is also used for disinfection with natural herbal extracts, capable of eliminating up to 99.975% of Influenza A virus.
Activated carbon filter: This filter absorbs various odors like food smells, cigarette smoke, and gases like Formaldehyde, NO2, SO2.
Deodorization filter: This filter removes heavier odors such as gasoline, diesel, and gas.
Water filter: This filter is responsible for removing impurities, bacteria, and organic compounds in the water to ensure pure and safe moisture for users.
The fan is placed behind the filters and its task is to draw in dirty air from the outside and disperse the clean filtered air. The air intake is located on both sides of the machine, while the air outlet is placed on the top to evenly distribute the clean air. It can also effectively clean polluted air in the room.

Filter durability

Next, we will evaluate the durability of the Coway air purifier filters. Coway’s filter panels can be used for 6 to 24 months. This duration is shorter than some Japanese brands. However, the advantage is that Coway’s filter replacement cost is lower and readily available on the market.

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Filtration quality

Moving on, we will evaluate the air filtration quality of Coway air purifiers. Coway’s air filtration devices are always equipped with modern, environmentally-friendly filtration technologies. The brand is rated as one of the best on the market today, comparable to Japan’s Hitachi.

Coway is currently leading the list of the fastest air purifiers with a filtration time of only 10 to 15 minutes. With its dust filtration efficiency reaching 99.97%, it can handle fine dust PM2.5, odors, and Influenza viruses.

The machine operates quietly, without creating noise, and has good energy-saving capabilities, with a power rating of 20 to 50W. Coway’s air purifiers can cover room sizes from 15 to 100m2, making them suitable for various households and companies.

Product design

Regarding product design, Coway air purifiers are one of the most beautifully designed brands on the market today. With an exquisite and lightweight overall design, along with a sleek, clean, and eye-catching white color. Coway air purifiers are equipped with intelligent features such as pollution indicator lights, automatic sensors, and light sensors.

Warranty policy

In terms of the warranty policy, Coway is also a leading brand in customer care quality. The company maintains several customer support policies that other brands do not have, such as:

In-home product warranty if the machine is found to be faulty from the manufacturer. Components and filters are always available for easy replacement when needed. Short and long-term air purifier rental service support. Free nationwide delivery for users.

Coway air purifier Review about Its Advantages and disadvantages

Next, let’s take a detailed look at the prominent advantages and disadvantages of Coway air purifiers:


Prominent advantages of Coway air purifiers include:

  • A high-quality air filtration system with 4 filter layers that effectively cleans the air and removes odors. Especially, the HEPA filter is capable of eliminating bacteria, viruses, and allergens.
  • Fast air cleaning time, while still ensuring a cleaning efficiency of 99.997%.
  • Equipped with Inverter technology to save energy.
  • Coway air purifiers operate silently, not affecting daily activities.
  • They also come with sensors and smart indicator lights to notify room pollution status.
  • The product design is elegant, sophisticated, and suitable for various spaces.
  • Replacement components are readily available for quick replacement by users.


The disadvantages of Coway air purifiers are:

  • The functions of the machines are somewhat limited, as most Coway models only have air filtration functions. Only model APM-1010DH has the additional feature of humidification. However, Coway air purifiers are still highly rated for their excellent air cleaning performance worldwide.
  • The price of Coway air purifiers is relatively high compared to other brands with similar functions. Coway products are suitable for the mid-range segment and above.

User Manual and Maintenance Guide for Coway Air Purifier

Installation Position

Most Coway air purifier models have air intake on both sides and can be placed close to the wall, so you only need to ensure that the front of the machine is unobstructed, and there is a minimum of 1m clearance on both sides from the wall.

During use, it is recommended to close doors and place the machine on a flat floor.

Proper Cleaning of Filters

To maintain stable efficiency and prolong the lifespan of the filters, users should clean them regularly, about 1-2 times per month, and replace the filters when they reach their expiration.

How to clean Coway air purifier properly:

Pre-filter and water filter (if any): Rinse with water and then let them dry.
Other filters such as HEPA filter and activated carbon filter: Only dry clean with a brush or a vacuum cleaner; never wash them with water.

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