Electrolux washing machine Reviews and Top 3 Best 9kg Electrolux Washing Machines

The article below is about Electrolux washing machine Reviews and Top 3 Best 9kg Electrolux Washing Machines.

1/ Where is Electrolux washing machine made?

The Electrolux washing machine is manufactured in Sweden. It is a well-known brand originating from this country, with a history of official operation since 1919, when the companies Svenska Elektron AB and Lux AB (a lighting manufacturing company) collaborated to establish it.

Electrolux washing machines from Sweden are highly regarded for their advanced design, features, energy efficiency, and noise reduction during use. The price of the product is also quite competitive, providing many choices for consumers.

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2/ Electrolux Washing Machine Reviews:

Design and appearance: Electrolux washer dryers typically have a horizontal drum design, resembling front-loading machines. This design is compact, with an elegant and stylish color palette, made from safe and durable materials. The control panel is well-designed and user-friendly.

Features: Electrolux washing machines are equipped with numerous advanced technologies and features. These include Sensor Wash, which automatically detects stains, UltraMix technology to prevent color fading, SensiCare system for temperature and humidity control, Vapour Refresh cycle for gentle and fresh clothes, Woolmark cycle for delicate wool care, and the Electrolux Life app that provides suitable washing advice.

Energy saving: Electrolux washing machines utilize the latest Inverter technology, saving up to 60% of energy compared to conventional washers, along with other modern washing technologies that maximize water efficiency.

Noise level during use: Electrolux washer dryers operate quietly and minimize noise during operation.

Price: Electrolux offers a variety of models at different price points, depending on capacity, technology, and features. The cost of Electrolux washing machines is quite competitive.

3/ Advantages and disadvantages of Electrolux Washing Machine:


Premium and reliable brand: Electrolux is a premium brand, highly valued for the reliability and durability of its products. The quality of Electrolux washing machine warranty and customer care are also positively evaluated.

Beautiful and practical design: Electrolux focuses on innovative and appealing designs, making their products stand out in interior spaces. The products integrate advanced features, energy and water saving capabilities, while remaining user and environmentally friendly.

Diverse washing modes: Electrolux washing machines offer various specialized washing modes, from quick wash to thorough cleaning and water saving options, flexibly catering to different laundry needs.

Effective cleaning: Electrolux washing machines are recognized for effectively cleaning clothes and reducing wear and tear, meeting users’ quality washing demands.

Energy and water efficiency: Electrolux washing machines are capable of saving energy and water, reducing usage costs during operation.

Quiet operation: Electrolux emphasizes reducing noise and vibrations during the wash/spin cycle, providing a quiet operating experience for users.


High price: Being a premium brand, Electrolux washing machines are generally more expensive than common brands.

Costly repair and component replacement: After the warranty period, repair and replacement of components in Electrolux washing machines can be expensive.

Requires careful installation: Electrolux washing machines require careful and professional installation to ensure stable operation.

Long wash cycles: Some Electrolux washing machine models have relatively long wash cycles, causing inconvenience for users needing quick washes.

Requires separate detergent/powder: Electrolux front-loading washers require separate use of detergent/powder specifically designed for washing machines, which could be inconvenient and increase usage costs.

In summary, Electrolux is a washing machine brand with many outstanding advantages, but it’s important to consider the disadvantages when choosing a product that suits your usage needs and budget.

4/ Top 3 Best 9kg Electrolux Washing Machines

Here is a description of three 9kg Electrolux washing machine models with advanced features and technology:

Electrolux 9kg EWF9024BDWB – Inverter Version:

This washing machine has an attractive design with an elegant white color, giving a modern and luxurious feel to any space. With modern Inverter technology, the machine significantly saves electricity and water. Additionally, the Vapour Care steam washing technology optimally eliminates bacteria and removes wrinkles from clothes. The machine also incorporates the Oko Mix technology to quickly dissolve detergent, avoiding soap residue on clothes after each wash. The Lily drum design ensures efficient water absorption and effective cleaning.

Electrolux 9.5kg EWF9523ADSA Inverter:

This version has a 9.5kg capacity, suitable for families with six or more members. The modern front-loading design features a bold color scheme, creating a sophisticated and appealing interior space. The Oko Mix technology helps control water and detergent efficiently. Along with Inverter technology, the machine operates quietly, is durable, and conserves energy and water. The machine is also equipped with effective Vapour Care steam washing technology, which eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria, reduces wrinkles, and gently softens fabrics.

Electrolux 9kg EWF9025BQSA Inverter:

This front-loading model features a simple yet elegant chrome-trimmed door. The machine meets Inverter technology standards, ensuring quiet and stable operation while conserving electricity and water. This product is also equipped with Vapour Care steam washing technology, with a temperature of up to 70°C, reducing wrinkles and killing bacteria. The Hive drum design not only washes effectively but also protects fabric from damage and wear during washing.

All these 9kg models feature Inverter technology for energy efficiency and quiet operation. Features like Vapour Care and Oko Mix also enhance cleaning effectiveness and fabric protection. With these prominent features, all these washing machine models are excellent choices for families.

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