Hitachi Refrigerator Review and Top 3 Latest Hitachi Refrigerator Models

The following article is about Hitachi Refrigerator Review and Top Latest Hitachi Refrigerator Models.

1. Hitachi – A Reliable Brand from Japan

Hitachi is a well-known brand from Japan, officially established in 1910, and now with over 111 years of experience in manufacturing household products and technology.

All products bearing the Hitachi brand are manufactured in Japan and undergo strict quality control processes, ensuring quality, efficiency, and outstanding durability over time.

Although the Hitachi refrigerator models distributed in Vietnam are currently produced in Thailand, they still adhere to Japanese production processes and quality standards, ensuring users can have complete peace of mind regarding the quality and performance of the products.

2. Pros and Cons of Hitachi Refrigerator:


  • Elegant and top-tier design leading the premium refrigerator segment.
  • Smooth operation, rapid cooling with minimal technical issues, known for having the highest durability.
  • Among the highest-priced refrigerator lines at present.


  • Products come with a relatively high price tag.
  • Few options available in the budget refrigerator segment.

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3. Hitachi Refrigerator Review:

Design and Style Review: Hitachi refrigerator models stand out with modern, stylish appearances that can be flexibly combined with any space. The exterior of the refrigerator is uniquely designed with glass, providing elegance and easy maintenance. The inner shelf system is made of sturdy glass capable of withstanding heavy weights, making organization and temperature adjustment in individual compartments effortless. Hitachi refrigerators come in two main types: Side By Side and traditional 2-door models.

Cooling Technology Review: Hitachi’s latest cooling system combines a breakthrough of dual fans and an Inverter compressor, optimizing the cooling process while consuming minimal energy. The Vacuum Compartment technology preserves food for a longer time, and LED photonization technology slows down food decay. The Air Jet Flow system ensures even cold air distribution to each compartment.

Energy Efficiency Review: Inverter technology helps Hitachi refrigerators save energy and maintain a stable temperature. The LED light inside the refrigerator consumes less energy compared to traditional lights.

Price Evaluation: Hitachi refrigerators are evaluated to be reasonably priced for consumers with higher incomes. Hitachi also offers mid-range products suitable for the majority of Vietnamese consumers, with various models and advanced technology. The price of Hitachi refrigerator models ranges from 6 million to 100 million VND.

4. Criteria for Choosing the Right Hitachi Refrigerator:

When choosing a suitable Hitachi refrigerator, consider the following factors:

  • Family’s food preservation needs: Assess the quantity of food needing preservation and freezing ratios to determine the appropriate refrigerator size.
  • Refrigerator capacity: Depending on the number of family members and food storage needs, choose a refrigerator capacity to avoid space and energy wastage.
  • Product efficiency: Evaluate the speed of cooling and energy consumption of different Hitachi refrigerator models to select a product that meets your usage needs and saves energy.
  • Additional technologies: Consider integrated technologies in Hitachi refrigerator models, such as cooling technology, vacuum compartments, LED photonization, Air Jet Flow, and other utilities to enhance food preservation effectiveness.

5. Top 3 Latest Hitachi Refrigerator Models:

Hitachi Inverter 509-liter R-FW650PGV8(GBK) Refrigerator:

  • Modern black glass front design adds sophistication to your home interior.
  • Uses Inverter technology and a dual-fan system for quiet operation and energy efficiency.
  • VIP vacuum insulation panel maintains temperature for up to 12 hours during power outages.
  • Convertible cooling compartments offer flexible temperature adjustment and optimal food storage space.

Hitachi Inverter 540-liter FW690PGV7(GBW) Refrigerator:

  • Modern design with elegant brown color and glossy mirror finish.
  • Sensitive touch control panel allows convenient operation without opening the refrigerator.
  • Inverter technology provides rapid cooling and energy savings.
  • Customizable ECO temperature sensor maintains appropriate cooling and conserves energy.

Hitachi 4-Door Inverter 540-liter R-FW690PGV7X (GBK) Refrigerator:

  • Convenient design with an external water dispenser for easy access to cold water.
  • External touch control panel for effortless use.
  • Combination of Inverter technology and ECO temperature sensor ensures quiet operation and energy efficiency.
  • Dual cooling system ensures even cooling and prevents food odor mixing.
  • Nano Titanium antimicrobial filter maintains food freshness and safety.

These 4-door Hitachi refrigerators not only provide utility and high food preservation efficiency but also add aesthetic value to your home interior.

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