Types of Microwaves and 5 Useful Tips for Buying a Microwave

The following article is about Types of Microwaves and 5 Useful Tips for Buying a Microwave.

Modern life today cannot be without a microwave in every household. It is used to heat up food from the refrigerator, defrost frozen products in an instant. However, choosing and buying a good microwave that serves the cooking needs of the family is not an easy task. In this article, we will help you address concerns and choose the best microwave on the market today.

1/ Types of microwaves on the market:

Unlike products like rice cookers, refrigerators, and washing machines, microwaves have the same operating principle, only differing in control features. We divide microwaves into 2 types:

a. Mechanical microwaves: This type of microwave has mechanical adjustment knobs. Users rotate the control knob to select heating, cooking, defrosting, grilling, and time modes. They are designed to be simple and easy to use.

b. Electronic microwaves: These are microwaves that use touch screens and LED lights to display user-selected operations and modes. Users can control the microwave through the touch screen without using adjustment knobs. They have more features than mechanical microwaves, higher durability, and fewer malfunctions.

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2/ 5 Useful Tips for Buying a Microwave:

a. Buy a microwave based on usage needs:

If used in a family, you can choose a microwave with grilling function for convenience when organizing outdoor parties or gatherings. By combining these two functions in one product, you can save kitchen space and enhance the aesthetic value for the family.

b. Buy a microwave based on price:

The microwave market currently offers a variety of models and prices, making it difficult for users to choose the best microwave.

The features of the microwave will depend on the budget. Depending on the economic situation and the family’s usage needs, we suggest 3 price ranges for you to choose from.

  • Entry-level microwave with a price below $50: Suitable for the majority of families but with limited usage features.
  • Mid-range microwave with a price below $150: It has full features and a beautiful design.
  • High-end microwave with a price of $150 and above: Owning high-end products with full features and luxurious design.

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c. Buy a microwave based on capacity:

The capacity of the microwave affects power consumption. Choose a microwave with a suitable capacity to save monthly power consumption.

  • For families of 4-5 people: Choose a microwave with a capacity of 20-27 liters.
  • For families with more than 5 people or families engaged in cooking business: Choose a larger capacity microwave.

d. Buy a microwave based on functions:

Modern microwave technology integrates multiple functions such as heating, defrosting, cooking, grilling, and safety features like automatic power-off, alarms, and timer settings. This diversity allows flexibility in usage. You can also use the microwave to make cakes such as sponge cakes, flan to enjoy with your family.

e. Buy a microwave based on other criteria:

In addition to the above criteria, you can also consider:

  • Choosing a microwave based on power: It is recommended to choose a microwave with a power of 700-1200W to ensure quality.
  • Microwave casing material: Microwaves with stainless steel casing are beautiful, durable but difficult to clean and prone to rust. Microwaves with electrostatically coated casing have good heat resistance, durability, and offer a variety of color options.
  • Design: Most microwaves have a rectangular design, with differences in external decoration and rounded corners. The internal structure of the microwave is usually made of stainless steel or wave-resistant materials.

3. Where to buy a microwave at a cheap price and good quality:

To ensure safety and quality, buy microwaves from reputable electrical appliance centers with clear origins and transparent policies. Avoid buying microwaves from unreliable sources just because of low prices.

With the information about article is about Types of Microwaves and 5 Useful Tips for Buying a Microwave, we hope you can find a suitable and convenient product for your family.

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